Our Team

Dean Patterson

Meet Dean Patterson

Dean Patterson is the Owner, CEO, and Founder of Ritual Recovery. With a lifelong background in owning and operating companies, Dean made a pivotal decision to sell his businesses two years ago to pursue his mission of helping others overcome mental health and addiction struggles. Serendipitously, this transition led him to encounter Sarah Tobin, the love of his life, whose extensive experience in various roles within treatment centers perfectly complemented Dean’s entrepreneurial vision.


The genesis of Ritual Recovery stems from Dean’s belief in the power of personal rituals for holistic well-being. Drawing from his own transformative rituals, Dean envisions Ritual Recovery as a sanctuary where individuals can discover and cultivate practices conducive to their recovery journey.


Together, Dean and Sarah embody a dedicated team committed to effecting positive change in the lives of others. With passion and purpose, they work tirelessly every day to empower individuals on their paths to recovery, embodying the transformative potential of personal rituals and healing practices.