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Cigna Drug Rehab

If you have Cigna health insurance, addiction treatment coverage may be available. Getting effective and evidence-based addiction treatment can be life-saving, and there should be as few barriers as possible. 

At Ritual Recovery, we work with most major insurers, including Cigna drug rehab coverage. We offer integrated care models and strive to ensure you have access to all the resources you need to begin or sustain recovery.

If you’d like to learn more about getting help for drug or alcohol addiction, Ritual Recovery is a leading provider of substance abuse treatment in North Carolina and can help.

Does Cigna Cover Drug Rehab?

As mentioned, Cigna drug rehab coverage is available. Most major insurers include coverage for addiction treatment services for several reasons, including:

  • Medical need: Addiction is recognized as a medical condition requiring treatment. Like other medical conditions, untreated addiction can result in severe health consequences. Cigna and other insurers understand the importance of making sure individuals have access to addiction treatment services to recover.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Initially, covering addiction treatment can be expensive for insurance companies. However, insurers tend to find it’s most cost-effective to cover rehab compared to paying for the long-term complications arising from untreated addiction. The right treatment can reduce the need for more costly interventions later on.
  • Better outcomes: Research shows people who receive comprehensive addiction treatment have better long-term outcomes. Through coverage of rehab services, Cigna can help you access evidence-based therapies and services essential for recovery and reducing relapse risk.
  • Regulatory requirements: Insurers often have to follow laws requiring them to provide coverage for addiction treatment services.

By covering rehab and addiction treatment services, insurers like Cigna are helping individuals overcome substance use disorders to live healthier, purposeful lives. If you’d like to learn more about treatment options, we can help. Ritual Recovery is the most trusted drug rehab in North Carolina, and we’re happy to connect with you at any time.

Does Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage Include Inpatient Treatment?

There are both inpatient and outpatient programs available to treat addiction. Inpatient programs are residential, so you live onsite for a period of time while engaging in intensive therapy and other services.

Coverage for inpatient rehab can vary depending on your particular plan and policy. Some plans will limit the duration of an inpatient stay, the services covered or the need for pre-authorization before you’re admitted to a rehab facility. To learn more about Cigna drug rehab coverage in North Carolina, contact us today.

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Cigna Coverage for Outpatient Services

Cigna typically covers outpatient treatment as well. Outpatient programs are flexible, so you can receive care while you live at home and manage other daily responsibilities. There are several levels of outpatient treatment that Cigna may provide coverage for.

Partial Hospitalization Program

A PHP is a structured day program similar to inpatient rehab in intensity. These programs require at least several hours of treatment daily, and you can return home at night. A PHP is individualized to your needs but might include one-on-one therapy, group therapy, medication management and other therapeutic interventions.

The partial hospitalization program at Ritual Recovery is one of our specialized treatment tracks. It includes individual therapy, peer support, group therapy, and adventure and family therapy programs.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An IOP is a step down in intensity from a PHP. There’s more flexibility in scheduling, but treatment remains intensive. During an IOP, you will typically go to therapy sessions and treatment activities for a few hours several times a week.

Outpatient Program

The least intensive level of care that your drug rehab Cigna coverage might include is traditional outpatient rehab. Outpatient services include individual or group therapy, and you may focus on different aspects of recovery, like relapse prevention or coping skills.


Our partial day program offers you a similar experience to inpatient treatment with more flexibility and affordability.


The intensive outpatient program at Ritual Recovery was designed to provide you with long-term solutions for recovery.


Learn more about the outpatient program at Ritual Recovery and find a continued care program that works for you.

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Does Cigna Drug Rehab Coverage Include MAT?

Medication-assisted treatment, or MAT, is an evidence-based method of treating addiction that combines the use of approved medicines to help with withdrawal and craving-related symptoms. These medications are paired with behavioral therapies and support services. Cigna will often cover drugs like Suboxone and naltrexone used in MAT and associated medical monitoring and counseling. Contact us to see if Cigna drug rehab covers your needs.

Does Cigna Cover Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual diagnosis treatment is an integrated approach to substance abuse disorders and co-occurring psychological disorders. When both are treated at the same time, outcomes are improved.

Cigna will cover dual diagnosis treatment, including a comprehensive evaluation by mental health professionals and integrated treatment planning. Medication management, therapy and counseling, and aftercare and support services may also be included in your Cigna insurance coverage.

Ritual Recovery is a top provider of dual-diagnosis treatment in Asheville, and we work with Cigna Insurance.

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We Work With Most Major Insurance

We accept most commercial insurance plans that cover out-of-network benefits, typically PPO insurance plans to help cover many of the costs associated with treatment at Ritual Recovery. To find out your personal options for treatment, fill out our free online insurance verification form.

Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

To use Cigna for rehab, you need to receive evidence-based addiction treatment. This refers to interventions and approaches that are rigorously researched and have been proven effective through clinical trials and scientific studies.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, contingency management and medication-assisted treatment are a few examples of evidence-based addiction treatment approaches.

Insurance companies, including Cigna, want to provide coverage for effective treatment addressing addiction. That goal ensures their members receive the highest level of care.

Evidence-based addiction treatment also tends to offer the most cost-effectiveness over the long term and improve outcomes for long-term sobriety and reduced relapse rates. At Ritual Recovery, we are an outpatient drug rehab in Asheville, and all of our programs are built on a foundation of scientific evidence.

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Using Cigna Insurance for Rehab Coverage

If you’re going to use your Cigna insurance for rehab, there are a few other important considerations to keep in mind:

  • Before seeking addiction treatment, you’ll have to verify your Cigna coverage. You can contact Cigna directly, or we can do it on your behalf to determine what covered services are available to you, what your limitations might be, and what your financial responsibilities are, like copays or deductibles.
  • Using in-network rehab facilities helps you maximize your coverage while at the same time reducing your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Some services may require pre-authorization from Cigna, so you’ll have to get approval before you are admitted to treatment.
  • Be aware of any coverage limits that could apply to rehab benefits, such as limits on the number of days or sessions covered or restrictions on certain treatment types.
  • When you understand your Cigna rehab coverage, and you choose an in-network provider, you can get access to the care you need to begin your recovery journey successfully.

Ritual Recovery is an in-network drug and alcohol rehab in Asheville, NC. Reach out at any time to learn more.