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Take a peak at our clinical facilities and supportive housing at Ritual Recovery of Asheville.

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Restart Your New Life With New Rituals

Ritual Recovery is nestled in the heart of Asheville’s eclectic community, with the Blue Ridge Mountains within your view. Our location was not by chance. Take a tour of our clinical building in downtown Asheville and our supportive housing located minutes from the clinical facility and discover the magic of Ritual Recovery’s addiction treatment programs.

why choose us?

Ritual Recovery’s clinical facilities are located at 100 Victoria Rd., Asheville, NC. Our space was designed with our client’s comfort in mind.

Our clinical space includes a number of modern amenities that allow our clients to feel safe while processing their journey of long-term healing including:

  • Client Lounge with TV
  • Snack Bar
  • Art & Music Room
  • Reading Room
  • Private Offices

When you walk into The Ritual Center you can expect to be welcomed by our caring and compassionate staff. We aim to foster a community that supports each other and thrives together.