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If you’re currently comparing your options and searching for a drug and alcohol rehab center in Spartanburg, we encourage you to learn more about our programs at Ritual Recovery. While we aren’t specifically a Spartanburg addiction treatment center, our facility is less than 1 ½ hours away by car. That allows you to separate yourself from your environment of active substance use, including stress and triggers, while receiving quality care.

Looking for addiction treatment near Spartanburg? Ritual Recovery is a top-rated drug rehab in North Carolina. Contact our admissions team today to learn more about how our outpatient treatment programs can help you or a loved one overcome substance use.

How Does Addiction Develop?

Most people with a substance use disorder will require professional intervention and treatment to achieve sobriety and recovery. This is because of the nature of addiction as a chronic disease. It’s also a complex disease, with many factors contributing to its development, as in other chronic illnesses.

Factors contributing to an addiction to drugs or alcohol include:

  • Genetic vulnerabilities can play a role in predisposing someone to addiction.
  • Brain chemistry because drugs and alcohol affect the reward system in the brain, increasing the release of dopamine, associated with pleasure and reward. Over time, the brain can depend on the substance to experience pleasure.
  • Psychological factors, including trauma, stress, a lack of coping mechanisms and mental health disorders, are addiction risk factors. Some people may use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate or deal with emotional pain or distress.
  •  Environmental factors like peer pressure, availability of drugs or alcohol, socioeconomic status or family environment can all contribute to substance abuse.
  • Cultural norms and societal influences toward the use of drugs or alcohol.
  • Developmental factors like the age when someone starts using substances can affect addiction.
  • Some people are naturally more inclined toward risk-taking behavior, which can include experimenting with drugs and alcohol.


Various combinations of these factors can influence individuals differently, but treatment involves addressing them through medical, psychological and social interventions.

From the list above, you can see that getting treatment for a substance use disorder isn’t just about abstaining from substances. As you seek a drug and alcohol rehab center in Spartanburg or nearby, you want one that’s holistic in its approach to delve into the underlying components of an addiction for the best recovery outcomes.

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What We Treat

Explore our specialty programs and unique offerings at our addiction treatment center in Asheville. We provide multiple options so our clients can experience treatment that leads to long-term, sustainable recovery.

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Treatment Features

How Does Our Spartanburg Drug Rehab Approach Treatment?

As you search for an inpatient or outpatient drug rehab in Spartanburg or nearby, comparing the program’s quality is incredibly important. Effective addiction treatment usually includes key features like:

  • A comprehensive physical and mental health assessment is needed to develop an individualized treatment plan.
  • Recognizing and addressing co-occurring mental health disorders that often accompany substance use disorders.
  • Behavioral therapies are a cornerstone of treating addiction, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Behavioral therapies are an evidence-based approach to modifying negative thought patterns and behaviors linked with substance misuse.
  • Medication management when needed to support the recovery process and manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
  • Holistic interventions address the mind-body connection and promote overall well-being.
  • Relapse prevention planning to identify and deal with triggers. During every phase of the treatment process, clients should work toward building skills that help them effectively navigate high-risk situations and prevent their return to using substances.
  • Aftercare and continuous support to maintain recovery.
  • Education about addiction and its effects, as well as skill building to manage things like stress and cravings.


A successful addiction treatment plan will usually include a combination of features and can be delivered in inpatient and outpatient settings. The intensity of treatment and the duration vary depending on the severity of someone’s addiction and their individual needs.

If you’re looking for a drug and alcohol rehab center in Spartanburg, you may not find one that delivers all of the features of effective treatment, but Ritual Recovery does. We approach addiction with compassion and empathy, as well as proven evidence-based modalities.

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We Work With Most Major Insurance

We accept most commercial insurance plans that cover out-of-network benefits, typically PPO insurance plans to help cover many of the costs associated with treatment at Ritual Recovery. To find out your personal options for treatment, fill out our free online insurance verification form.

What we Offer

Outpatient Rehab Near Spartanburg

The programs we offer at Ritual Recovery are on an outpatient basis. We offer several different intensity levels in our outpatient rehab programs. We’re in the Blue Ridge Mountains, creating a serene sanctuary for healing.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization is the most intensive program at Ritual Recovery. You might participate in this as a starting point if you aren’t able to go to an inpatient program because of other responsibilities or if you have a less severe addiction. You could also find that a PHP is a good treatment level if you’ve already completed an inpatient program.

During a PHP with Ritual Recovery, you participate in treatment most of the day, returning home in the evenings. Despite being a day program, it still provides a high level of care, structure, and supervision.

During our PHPs, you’re in a private environment, and treatment consists of both one-on-one therapy and group therapy. Adventure and family therapies may also be part of a treatment plan.

Ritual Recovery provides luxury sober housing for people who need it, with facilities designed for comfort and a focus on recovery without distractions.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

At Ritual Recovery, we offer intensive outpatient programs for comprehensive care and support but the flexibility to maintain daily responsibilities. It’s a balanced approach to treating addiction. You attend counseling and therapy sessions daily, returning home in the evenings. Skills that are worked on depend on individual needs but include developing coping skills and addressing underlying issues contributing to addiction. Therapies are evidence-based and holistic, integrating physical, mental and emotional needs.

An IOP can be a transitional step between intensive inpatient treatment and moving fully back into daily life, as well as a starting point for someone with a milder addiction. It equips you with the strategies needed for long-term recovery.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient programs at Ritual Recovery include personalized therapy and counseling to empower people to manage their recovery while living their everyday lives. There’s a sense of support that can facilitate a smooth transition to sober life outside of treatment.


At Ritual Recovery, our aftercare programs are alum support or continuing care. This refers to the support and resources provided to clients on an ongoing basis after completing a formal program.

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Spartanburg Rehab Center at Ritual Recovery

We offer dual diagnosis treatment in North Carolina when appropriate for clients with co-occurring mental health disorders. Having an untreated mental health disorder often worsens substance use and vice versa, so it’s important to treat the conditions simultaneously with a specialized approach.

As you’re considering the options for yourself or a loved one in terms of a drug and alcohol rehab center in Spartanburg, look outside of the city to Ritual Recovery. You’re close to home but can give yourself space to breathe and fully heal in the mountains of North Carolina. Reach out to our team today.