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If you’re currently seeking a qualified drug and alcohol rehab center in Savannah, it might be worthwhile to consider an out-of-state option. Numerous benefits come with choosing treatment away from home. Rather than opting for a Savannah addiction treatment program, by traveling to a center like Ritual Recovery, you can give yourself the space you need to heal and recover. You can take yourself away from outside distractions and stress and put your focus on overcoming addiction.

We also encourage people who are seeking a drug and alcohol rehab center in Savannah to consider us because we’re in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in the scenic city of Asheville. There’s an inherent sense of natural beauty in the area, and we make the most of it in our treatment and activities.

Ritual Recovery offers a range of outpatient treatment services. We work with clients from around North Carolina and other states to help them reach their recovery goals.

Why Choose Our Savannah Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

As you’re looking for a drug and alcohol rehab center in Savannah, if you do ultimately consider Ritual Recovery instead, we’re within driving distance. Our evidence-based programs are held in our immersive facility. We offer personalized, innovative programming paired with compassion. Our goal is to help you achieve a long-term sustainable recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol, and with that in mind, we always take a client-first perspective.

Our North Carolina addiction treatment center is full-service, and we combine the best approaches from traditional, evidence-based, holistic and modern therapies.

Some of the core treatment philosophies we include in our programming are:

  • The 12 Steps: We offer modalities based on the 12 steps, and this is a good preparation for returning home after treatment. For example, there are many 12-step meetings held in and around Savannah so that you can continue to build on your recovery skills once you leave Ritual Recovery.
  • Holistic therapies: Addiction treatment should consider all of an individual’s needs, and we offer holistic therapies to promote healing and balance. Many of our holistic modalities come from Eastern philosophies and medicine.
  • Tailor-made treatment plans: Your time with us will begin with an in-depth assessment, during which we will understand your needs and formulate a treatment plan geared specifically to you.
  • High-end facilities: Our facilities are designed with comfort to promote a sense of peace.
  • Psychological practices: While we believe there is a place for holistic treatment, it also has to be paired with evidence-based psychological best practices to treat underlying conditions that initially contribute to addiction.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ritual Recovery during your search for an outpatient drug rehab in Savannah, we can provide all the details you need.

High-Quality Care
What We Treat

Explore our specialty programs and unique offerings at our drug rehab in Asheville. We provide multiple options so our clients can experience treatment that leads to long-term, sustainable recovery.

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Treatment Features

Savannah Addiction Treatment At Ritual Recovery

We offer several treatment levels in our continuum of care.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The most intensive is a partial hospitalization program. A PHP with Ritual Recovery is comprehensive and structured. It’s a higher level of care than a traditional outpatient program, but the primary distinction with an inpatient program is that a PHP lets you return home in the evenings. During a PHP with us, you receive counseling, therapy and medical support, but you can still keep up with your outside responsibilities.

Our PHP environment is intimate and exclusive, with privacy so that you can build a sense of trust with other people who are sharing similar experiences to your own.

A PHP at our Asheville center includes one individual therapy session per week, 25 hours of group therapy weekly, adventure therapy and family therapy.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) in Asheville is somewhere between a partial hospitalization and a traditional outpatient program in terms of time commitment and level of flexibility. IOPs offer a balanced approach to treating substance abuse. You attend therapy and counseling sessions that are scheduled during the day. You can return home otherwise. You’ll work with our treatment team on developing coping skills and addressing underlying addiction contributors.

You can participate in therapy sessions with minimal disruption to your daily routine, receive individualized care, engage in peer support, and experience a diverse range of therapies.

Traditional Outpatient Treatment

Our outpatient program in Asheville, North Carolina, is a good option for individuals who need to continue to seek care but also have to maintain a flexible schedule and keep up with their regular life at home and work. An outpatient program is a good fit for someone who has a mild addiction or who’s continuing their care after completing a more intensive level of care.

Outpatient treatment includes flexible scheduling, access to an experienced team of addiction treatment specialists, and comprehensive support. Group therapy sessions are held each week to help you build a strong, supportive network of peers.

Outpatient rehab is empowering because you’re learning to become self-reliant and responsible for maintaining your own scheduling and independently attending your therapy sessions.

Reach out to our team today to learn about any of these levels of care, whether you’re seeking a drug and alcohol rehab center in Savannah or considering going elsewhere.

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We Work With Most Major Insurance

We accept most commercial insurance plans that cover out-of-network benefits, typically PPO insurance plans to help cover many of the costs associated with treatment at Ritual Recovery. To find out your personal options for treatment, fill out our free online insurance verification form.

What we Offer

Treatment for
Co-Occurring Disorders

Dual diagnosis refers to someone with a substance use disorder and one or more co-occurring mental disorders. This requires specialized treatment to reduce the risk of relapse. Our dual diagnosis treatment center in North Carolina program takes into consideration how mental health and substance abuse interact with and influence one another. A comprehensive treatment strategy is needed, with treatment from specialists. Our dual diagnosis programs are integrative, including medication management, counseling, therapy and support services.

Co-occurring disorders we treat at Ritual Recovery include:

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Eating disorders
  • Depression
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Personality Disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
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When you contact our Savannah drug rehab we guarantee that you will find personalized recommendations day or night, regardless of your situation. Fill out our 100% confidential request a callback form, or give us a call to begin the process of healing.

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Traveling to From Savannah to Asheville for Treatment

If you do decide to travel to our center, we are less than five hours from Savannah by car. We can help you with logistics, travel information and sober housing options if needed.

Ritual Recovery Homes is our supportive housing option that the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains surround. Supportive housing offers a high-end living environment where you can relax after your treatment day. Amenities include semi-private rooms, a game room and lounge, an outdoor lounge and fire pit, en-suite bathrooms and a modern kitchen.

At our Savannah drug rehab, you’ll find a supportive sober living environment where you can learn how to thrive without substances, surrounded by caring staff and peers.

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Ritual Recovery may be a few hours away from Savannah, but you’ll likely find that our level of care and the surrounding natural beauty is well worth the drive. Whether you’re seeking rehab for yourself or a loved one, please contact our North Carolina team today.